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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music Decor and Gifts for Bathroom Interior Decorating

Have you ever wanted to update your shower and vanity in your bathroom and pick out new colors, and try to find bathroom decorating ideas with the right accessories?

Interior Decorating Bathroom Ideas: Take another look around your bathroom. Identify what you need versus what you would like to have. Determine where you have enough space to be flexible and if some things will need to fit into an allotted space. Keep in mind that sometimes you can find a complete package of related accessories to accessorize your entire bathroom. But if you cannot find what you want in a complete package, you may prefer to buy your accessories one at a time and coordinate them as you go.

Do you plan to have shower doors, or will you need a shower curtain and shower curtain hooks? Would you like a waste basket and soap dish to match? Or would you rather have a dispenser for your soap and lotions? Do you need a toothbrush holder? Do you need a tray or perhaps a second decorative soap dish to hold your jewelry? Do you need a hook where you can hang a robe or clothes? Do you need a bath mat? How about a night light? What about towel bars?

If you have enough floor space, you could use a stand that sits on the floor to hold your towels. If you have enough wall space, you can use the kind that attaches to the wall. Towel rails are also nice if you have the wall space and the budget for them. If you have no floor space nor wall space, then think about using towel bars that will fit on the hinges of your bathroom door and have four bars where you can hang towels. These work very well in confined spaces.

Perhaps instead of redoing your entire bathroom, you are wanting to add music decor to your bathroom.  Have you seen the music toilet flush valves, the musical note bath Q-tip container, the piano keys soap dispenser, the variety of music door pull knobs  you can add to your cabinetry, the volume of  music night lights in all kinds of music themes, and don't forget music rugs.  If you are looking for things related to music, you might also like Music Note Bathroom Decor.

Hopefully, the above will provide new ideas and help kick start your bathroom interior decorating project.

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