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Monday, November 2, 2009

Jump Rope Dance

Watch this amazing video! It is totally unbelievable!

You HAVE to SEE this !!!

These girls do things with jump ropes that I didn't even know was possible! The degree of difficulty gets harder and harder as you get closer to the end! This is an amazing jump rope performance by the US Naval Acadamy "Kings Firecrackers" who have performed at the half-time show at the Army Navy basketball game.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Music Decor, Music Notes or Musical Notes?

When you and I search for Music Notes or Musical Notes, are we looking for music decor or possibly a music gift? What are we trying to find? Are we looking for music themed home decor for the interior and exterior of our home, or are we a music lover who is gathering information on what kinds of things are available with musical notes or possibly pertaining to written music?

Many things with music notes have a music theme and also qualify as music decor. Much depends on how a person intends to use an item. For example, music notes and music boxes can be music decor, but they can also be music gifts or music party decorations.

The first thing to think about is what you want to accomplish. There are endless possibilities whether you use music notes or musical notes in your music themed decor.

Below are some ideas for ways to have a music theme for a variety of applications, such as music party decorations, music themed home decor, and more.

  • Music balloons shaped like music instruments
  • A music balloon with music notes
  • Rock 'n' Roll balloons with music notes
  • A large music balloon shaped like a single note
  • Large music note balloons shaped like a double note, i.e. an eighth note
  • Large balloon shaped like a juke box with music notes on it
  • Music balloon depicting the fabulous 50's music
  • Balloons with Happy Birthday along with music notes
  • Red balloons, white or blue balloons, or multi-colors to enhance your music party decorations
Party Decorations
  • Music balloons make great Music Party Decorations
  • Accents to go with Music Party Decorations
  • Large jukebox cutout with music notes
  • Whirls with music notes, treble clef or other music-related theme
  • White ribbon with black music notes, treble clef, or other music-related theme
  • Treble Clef, Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Sixteenth Notes of Dimensional Plastic
  • Paper plates, napkins, table covers with a music theme
Music boxes
  • Great for party decorations or home decor and can play one song or multiple songs
Photo Frames
  • Musical
  • Decorated with music notes, treble clef, or other music-related theme
Wind Spinners with music notes
  • A fun wind spinner with a Guitar and music notes in the center
  • Wind spinners on other subjects that remind us of music
Music Tapestry or Music Throw
  • Music notes, musical instruments, or another music theme are all common designs.
  • Cover up with a music throw or enjoy a tapestry accenting your music room wall.
  • Make wonderful music themed home decor or gifts
  • Decorate a gallery wall for your next party.
Enjoy the harmony that music themes and music decor bring to your life! Share your thoughts and ideas!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Gifts, Music Boxes, and Musical Movies

Forget about music notes and concentrate on music boxes for music gifts! When you think about music boxes, don't forget that musical movies comes in a box and play for an hour or more, and nowadays, you can also rent them.

Have you seen the movie titled August Rush? Did you like it? Why?

If you have not seen it, and you are a music lover who enjoys musical themes, I would recommend borrowing it from a friend, renting it, or better yet, buying it so you can watch it over and over. If you love music, this will become one of those movies you will want to watch over and over again.  Watch it and share your thoughts.

Tell us about other musical movies you enjoy. A couple that come to my mind are Mary Poppins and Sister Act I and Sister Act II. Which musicals have you seen? Let's see how many we can remember.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music Decor Party Decorations and Special Party Themes

Music Decor Party Decorations and Special Party Themes

Make your Special Party Themes sing with Musical Party Themed Decorations! Play Classic Rock or your favorite Music. Display a guitar wind spinner with music notes, or add music balloons with music notes and voila! Your party decorations will be a cinch!

Do you need special theme decorations for a party? Are you having a graduation party, getting married this year, having a special dance, or just having some friends over for a little get-together?

Whether you are looking for music balloons, music wall decorations, music note decorations, rock n roll party decorations, table skirts, specialty birthday party decorations, classic rock music, music puzzles, or other musical themed party decor, keep your decorations simple and have fun with them.

If you are having a square dance party, how about a wind spinner with a square dance couple in the center and music notes on all four corners of the wind spinner? Our guitar wind spinner has music notes, is laser-cut art made of heavy-duty 18 gauge 400 series stainless steel and comes with a heavy duty swivel for easy turning.

Do you want simple or more elaborate decorations? How important is color? What about cost?

How about balloons for decorations?
Music balloons are great for music themed party decor.

Balloons come in all colors, shapes, sizes and on almost any topic you can think of.

You can use balloons in specific colors, sizes and shapes along with generic balloons to create decorations to go with your party theme.

In fact, you can create award winning decorations using balloons in your special party theme along with specific colors and generic balloons.

How many kinds of balloons and balloon decorations are there?

Anything from very simple balloon centerpieces to tall air balloon centerpieces to Greek columns, arches, clouds, slow spirals, and rainbows all made with balloons, and much more.

Add music balloons or another themed balloon to these balloon party decorations to accent the theme of your party.

How do I select my theme?

Selecting a theme may be easier than you think.

For a wedding, if the bride and groom have selected special colors, use those colors or a lighter or darker shade to blend with their colors.
+ For a graduation, using the school's colors is always a hit.
For a shower, pink or blue usually works well.

If your event is built around a special holiday or theme, use colors common to that holiday.
Another idea: Almost everyone likes music, so use a music theme.

Where do I get balloon decorations?
Why not buy balloons and make your own decorations?
What kind of music decor do you like? Check out the video below on what you can do with balloon decorations, let your imagination run wild, and make your decorations sing!

Music Decor and More is here to help you find answers to your questions.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes and Music Decor

Enjoy Nature's Music with Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes!

Have you ever considered using Wind Chimes in your Music Decor? Think about it! The gentle chime of the corinthian bells as well as other wind chimes when set in motion from the wind adds a touch of music! Whether your home decor has a musical theme or you simply like to listen to the sounds of wind chimes makes no difference.

Wind Chimes make great music decor, music gifts, and you can even get them to go with other home decor themes. What area of your outdoor patio or nearby lawn and garden area could use a gentle touch of nature's music? Wouldn't it be lovely to hear the pleasant tone of corinthian bells wind chimes when the gentle wind blows?

Can you see the wind blow? Have you ever heard anyone ask that question?

It is that time of year when a lot of us are ready for winter to be gone so we can welcome spring. The wind, sometimes called a breeze, depending on how high or low the temperature is at the time, can blow chimes that hang from the patio, porch or a nearby garden post and fill the air with the sound of music. Sounds can vary from tinkling tones to hand-tuned chimes to an ancient temple bell or corinthian bells wind chime, and everything in between, including percussion sounds. What kind of windchime sounds do you like?

If you could only have one wind chime, what kind would you select?

Would it be a hand-tuned chime that plays Amazing Grace, one that sounds like the church bell chime, or the sound of corinthian bells wind chimes that are also pleasing to the ear? Would it serve a dual purpose as a birdhouse? Would it have large wind chimes? How about something patriotic with a flag or an eagle? Would you want your chime to have butterflies, dolphins, hummingbirds, birds, or perhaps a frog decoration? Would you like something really unique or plain and simple of metal and wood? Or perhaps you would like a cross to remind you of your faith? Would you select a lighthouse or one with a lot of waves to remind you of the beach? Would you want something celestial, adorned with crystals, or perhaps even a lighted windchime? Oh my, so many to choose from, including a fire hydrant that would make the perfect gift for your favorite firefighter, or a dragon for your favorite knight​.

I love them all, but have to admit that one of my favorites is the corinthian bells wind chimes. The wind chime sound from the corinthian bells is a very peaceful way to enjoy the music of the wind. They are available in varying lengths up to 74 inches. Whether you select a length of 74 inches, 65 inches, or 36 inches, your corinthian bells chimes will have its own unique tones when set in motion by the a gentle breeze.

Corinthian Bells Windchimes

Windchimes make wonderful gifts too. A wind chime is a great gift to give when you would like to be remembered for a lifetime. When the gentle breezes nudge the chimes and fill the air with the sounds of music, the recipient will think of the person who gave it to them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Decor and Interior Decorating Tips

Have you thought about how your music decor can play an important part in decorating your room? Have you ever felt like you wanted to have a professional interior decorator take you by the hand and show you what to do? In keeping with our "decor" theme, we have recently added a set of ebooks about interior decorating to help you and to give you ideas to create the home interior that you desire.

Unleash the creative power of your decorating talent. Decorate or redecorate to reflect your personal style for enjoyment, entertaining, and relaxing.

Learn Interior Decorating faster than ever with this unique set of ebooks. The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection has 1037 color photos/illustrations and is designed to help you by using examples and step-by-step techniques to create your dream home. 

Music Decor and More is here to help you find solutions to your home decor questions. If you find pleasure in musical things, consider choosing a home decor with a music theme.

Use music gifts in your home decor to satisfy your musical pleasure. Art, throws, tapestries, rugs, figurines, collectibles, Corinthian bells wind chimes, and movies with a music theme may accent your bedroom, bath, music room, and other areas of your home with music decor. Music boxes can be located where they are most likely to be played and enjoyed. Place individual music books, or collections thereof, near a piano, in a bookcase, or occupy a spot on a table, where they will be easy to pick up and read. Music gift baskets might occupy a spot in your kitchen or favorite dining nook.

Check out the other posts in this blog for more interior decorating ideas. In the comments section of this post, we will be offering more interior decorating tips that you can use. Please leave a comment and share your favorite tips.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Music Decor Introductions

If you love music as much I do, you are always looking at music decor, and are alert to music themed home decor, music gifts, music boxes, anything with music notes, and how each will fit in with your music room decor and other areas of your life!

As I sit here writing this first entry, our snow white puppy "Angel" is cuddled in my lap. He adopted us almost a year ago. He just showed up one day. How he found us, we will never know, but he has definitely brought us joy! Angel loves music too! When I sit and play the piano, he will lay under the piano bench as close to my heels as possible and listen all the time I am playing to all types of music.

At Music Decor and More you will find a variety of topics about music decor, music themed home decor, musical themed party decorations, and lots more. Share your favorite ideas for using music themes in your home decor.

This blog is a new experience for us and we could use your help in getting some conversations started about musical topics. Please let us know your thoughts, and we'll go from there.