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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Music Decor, Music Notes or Musical Notes?

When you and I search for Music Notes or Musical Notes, are we looking for music decor or possibly a music gift? What are we trying to find? Are we looking for music themed home decor for the interior and exterior of our home, or are we a music lover who is gathering information on what kinds of things are available with musical notes or possibly pertaining to written music?

Many things with music notes have a music theme and also qualify as music decor. Much depends on how a person intends to use an item. For example, music notes and music boxes can be music decor, but they can also be music gifts or music party decorations.

The first thing to think about is what you want to accomplish. There are endless possibilities whether you use music notes or musical notes in your music themed decor.

Below are some ideas for ways to have a music theme for a variety of applications, such as music party decorations, music themed home decor, and more.

  • Music balloons shaped like music instruments
  • A music balloon with music notes
  • Rock 'n' Roll balloons with music notes
  • A large music balloon shaped like a single note
  • Large music note balloons shaped like a double note, i.e. an eighth note
  • Large balloon shaped like a juke box with music notes on it
  • Music balloon depicting the fabulous 50's music
  • Balloons with Happy Birthday along with music notes
  • Red balloons, white or blue balloons, or multi-colors to enhance your music party decorations
Party Decorations
  • Music balloons make great Music Party Decorations
  • Accents to go with Music Party Decorations
  • Large jukebox cutout with music notes
  • Whirls with music notes, treble clef or other music-related theme
  • White ribbon with black music notes, treble clef, or other music-related theme
  • Treble Clef, Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Sixteenth Notes of Dimensional Plastic
  • Paper plates, napkins, table covers with a music theme
Music boxes
  • Great for party decorations or home decor and can play one song or multiple songs
Photo Frames
  • Musical
  • Decorated with music notes, treble clef, or other music-related theme
Wind Spinners with music notes
  • A fun wind spinner with a Guitar and music notes in the center
  • Wind spinners on other subjects that remind us of music
Music Tapestry or Music Throw
  • Music notes, musical instruments, or another music theme are all common designs.
  • Cover up with a music throw or enjoy a tapestry accenting your music room wall.
  • Make wonderful music themed home decor or gifts
  • Decorate a gallery wall for your next party.
Enjoy the harmony that music themes and music decor bring to your life! Share your thoughts and ideas!