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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for new decor ideas can be a lot of fun. How many times have you looked at a magazine and found a great idea you want to use the next time you redecorate! Now we find ourselves clicking from one great idea to another great idea on the worldwide web.

Are bedroom themes and walls the last to get a face lift? Your bedroom designs can be anything you want them to be. Want to fall asleep looking at the night sky -- simply create a night sky on the ceiling of your bedroom -- or is falling asleep looking at the night sky something you look forward to only when you go camping?

Want a bedroom wall where you can can highlight your favorite things? How about a simple bedroom theme with no frills? Or is your bedroom a getaway where you can lose yourself in a book or dream of pleasant getaways? Bedroom accessories come in a variety of decor ideas.

Try looking for bedding and accessories in themes that you like. Sometimes you can find entire sets of bedroom accessories. Then all you have to do is choose paint colors that go well with the decorating designs you have chosen. Once you have your colors and your bedroom theme selected, you can always add bedroom designs as you find more decor ideas that go with your theme.

You can also consider reusing your favorite bedroom accessories by changing how you use them. Select a different color and perhaps highlight one bedroom wall in this color where you might place this piece on or near. In this way, you can have a new look and still enjoy your favorite bedroom accessories.

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1 comment:

AlanR said...

Since your bed is the biggest and most prominent object in your bedroom, I think your bedding set should be the central element of your bedroom decoration. Combine that with some good wall decals and you've got two easy, quick elements for a great bedroom.

Alan Riley, publisher

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