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Friday, November 23, 2012

Music Decor and Music Belt Buckles

What does Music Decor mean to you?  In general terms, it is a theme normally thought of in terms of  interior decorating where music related items are used to compliment each other in any room of your home, apartment, other dwelling, or even carried into your office theme.  How you choose to use music themed items is only limited by your imagination. 

Think outside the box.  If you find a music themed item you like, think about how or where you can use it to compliment other music decor.  Garden spots, a cozy porch, a favorite deck where you entertain friends, or a place where you do hobbies or find solitude can all include music-themed home decor.  How many people do you know who like to putter?  Where do they go to putter?  Is it their man room where they play with their HO model trains, a shed where they work on gardening or painting, or a workshop in the garage, or enjoy camping in their RV?

What about your mailbox, a place you visit six days a week.  One mail box I drive by nearly every day has a music staff and music notes in black painted over a white mail box.

By now, you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with music belt buckles and where I am going with this post. Belt buckles are just one type of music accessory, but typically people who like music and music decor like to wear music accessories.  Think about music themed jewelry.

Take belt buckles, for example - let's start a list of belt buckles that are music-related buckles.  You can probably add more items to this list.

Microphone belt buckle
Drums belt buckle
Headphones belt buckle
Turntable belt buckle
Guitar belt buckle
Country Music belt buckle
Music Notes belt buckle
Piano Keyboard belt buckle

Both guys and gals can enjoy music belt buckles.  There is no limit to the selection of music accessories one can wear.  Musical belt buckles might include a guitar belt buckle or one with music notes, a country music belt buckle or one related to other types of music, an accordion belt buckle or other popular instruments, such as a trumpet, banjo, mandolin, piano keyboard, etc.

Earrings, pins, cufflinks, scarves, neckties, etc. as well as music belt buckles are great examples of music accessories.  But where do you put your musical accessories?  Many items fit very well in a music jewelry box, while such things as neckties fit well on a tie rack, earrings on a earring rack, etc. 

Belt buckles, if you have a lot of them, can be wrapped and kept in a shoebox, or you can use them to create music bedroom decor.  Simply done, select a piece of fabric, create a geometric shape, attach your music belt buckles and display on your bedroom wall.  Voila, you have created music bedroom decor.  You can do this with any music accessories that you can attach to a strip of fabric to create a type of music wall hanging.

Be happy!  Enjoy all of your music-themed home decor, whether it be items you discover while shopping, or one-of-a-kind masterpieces you create!