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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Wall Decals and Music Wall Art

Music Decor can have different meanings to many people.  It might describe the furniture in your room, the paintings on your walls, your music boxes displayed in various places, or warm blends of music themes selected for your bedroom or bath.  The nice thing about music decor is that its size and shapes vary accordingly.  In this post, we will touch on music decor in the form of music wall decals and music wall art.  

Think about using music wall decals to create a feeling of balanced harmony in your music wall art.

Personally, I like the vinyl wall decals because they come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Because these wall decals usually come in multiple pieces, they can be spread out to fit areas of different sizes. This makes it possible to use music wall decals in any room where you want music decor in your home from an area as small as the bathroom to a kitchen, bedroom, or even a large music room wall.

Choose the styles of music wall decals that you like best. Measure the area you want to decorate. Select the shape and the size that you can easily arrange on your wall. I like to first use a table or an area on the floor equivalent to the size of the wall I want to decorate and try different layouts to see how much space needs to be between each piece when putting the vinyl wall decals in place on the wall.

The music decor in your home does not all have to match. Simply put, by having a music theme, one item can compliment another. Try to place your music wall art where it will either add to an already musical atmosphere or be in an area where adding more music decor will be like adding another melody to your musical theme.

I like to think of my music decor as a way to give my home personality as well as express who I am.

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