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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Design Ideas for Music Decor

Think about design ideas that use music-related items.  Music decor can be one simple design or incorporate many related ideas.  Keep it simple or use your imagination to create home decor that speaks volumes.

Remember, simple is what you perceive it to be.  Want it more glamorous -- try adding larger pieces, more color, and create different styles.  Music can encompass a variety of topics.  Design ideas can be created with musical items by varying shapes, styles, sounds, art, and types of music. 

Make it jazzy, if you like jazz.  If your theme is western, keep it country.  If you like gospel, there are a lot of vintage hymns, traditional, and contemporary selections from which to pick.  Design ideas using classic Rock, classical, big band sounds, bluegrass, are among others from which to select to create different styles that add a sophisticated, comfy, dreamy, upbeat, or relaxing mood to your music decor.

Start by jotting down some ideas, such as types of music you like, songs you enjoy listening to, your favorite dance tunes, and determine what all of these ideas have in common.  Is there a commonality, such as how all of them pertain to music?  Identify their differences as well, and think about what makes them special to you.  How many of these design ideas can you incorporate into your decor? Music, like wood decor, can all match, or it can be different types arranged to accent and compliment each other.

Design ideas may include music-related wall art, music boxes, decorative pieces, music books or sheet music, anything with music notes, rugs, furniture with a music design, windchimes, or anything that captures your attention that will compliment a common theme.  

A memory from life experiences whether it is a pamphlet from a play or a simple reminder of fun things you've done, such as waltzing, dancing to folk tunes, going to the symphony, singing with the church choir, reminiscing to the oldies, attending a ballet, listening to contemporary jazz on a cruise ship or a song you heard at the local fifties diner, tapping to the beat of a distant drum, or something altogether different can be incorporated into your musical design ideas.  Decorate your living quarters to give it a flavor for who you are with a warmth that welcomes friends. 

As you decorate your room, pay particular attention to the direction of the items you are using.  You may want a wall that is balanced from left to right to give a central focus.  This can be accomplished with two pictures whose direction is toward each other.  Sometimes an entire grouping can be arranged with one picture to the far left and one to the far right, giving your design ideas a centering effect.

Other times, you may want your design to go completely around the room.  In this case, make sure each piece is placed in the same direction, so your eyes easily follow and move around the room in one direction.  If the direction of one item is opposite, it will cause your eyes to instantly switch direction and move the other way around the room.  This creates an imbalance because instead of moving in one direction, it is as though your attention is first directed right, then left, etc. 

When I first heard of this technique, I walked into one room where I had decor on every wall.  The first thing I noticed was the direction of one item flowing in the opposite direction from all of the others.  I relocated it to a position whereby it naturally redirected my attention in the opposite direction. The difference was amazing!  Almost unbelievable, an immediate feeling of harmony entered that room.  Placement and direction of your design ideas are important to the harmony in your room.