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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Words of a Song as Music Decor

The words in your favorite song or songs can be displayed as wall decor. Wall decor comes in many shapes and sizes. It is also possible to use multiple items and create a grouping using multiple items. When I put multiple items together in a group, I find that using an odd number works best to create a gallery wall.

Sometimes it is possible to find wall decor that is designed to stick to a large wall. It might be the word Music or perhaps the flow of piano keys or multiple musical instruments. Designs of this type make a nice decoration over a sofa or the head of a bed.

Words of a Song

A country music artist really got my attention when he sang the song God Bless the USA. Recently I came across a wall plaque with words from that song. The lyrics "If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life" still have meaning. In today's world, people who were in the path of the devastating hurricanes and fires, and others suffering losses can all relate. He won a Country Music Award for Song of the Year in 1985 for writing God Bless the USA.

Whenever I hear the name, Lee Greenwood, I think of a couple of other songs for which he is known, and he is known for many. They are The Flag Still Stands for Freedom and I'm Proud to be an American Where at Least I Know I'm Free.

Think about using patriotic wall decor that brings a sense of warmth with its lyrics.

What about Hymn Tunes

Hymn tunes can also be found. I have a music box that plays What a Friend and the music of the song is inscribed on the lid that opens. I have also enjoyed wall plaques with a page from an old hymnal decoupaged on the plaque. The most popular hymn tunes that I have seen are The Old Rugged Cross, Blest Be the Tie also called DennisIn the Garden and The Little Brown Church in the Vale. Another that one might look for is Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Favorite hymns could be displayed in a wall grouping, perhaps on a wall over a piano. Displaying  one plaque on a narrow wall is also be a nice touch.

Song Titles 

Vinyl records from the past also come to mind. Find a vinyl record from the past with the name of a popular song to which you or a loved one enjoyed listening. Create a wall display either using the record itself, or perhaps an album cover matted in a simple frame. The possibilities are endless. How many songs and/or artists can you think of that you would like to remember?   

Think about the words of a song that brings a smile to your face.

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