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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Balloons for Music Party Decorations-Special Party Themes

Balloons are a great idea for music party decorations, and are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and special party themes.

Make your party decorations sing with balloons. Use your imagination and play along with any song with an inflatable musical instrument like a guitar or saxophone, for instance. Or consider using a few of the really large balloons shaped like large music notes.

Use balloons with music note decorations to enhance your special party themes. Add plain balloons in a color or multiple colors of your choice.

Use one balloon, or two or three, or make balloon bouquets. Make several bouquets using only balloons with music notes, and then make more bouquets using fewer balloons with music notes and more plain balloons. With this same technique, you can make anything from very simple centerpieces to elaborate columns, arches, spirals, rainbows and more using plain balloons and balloons with music notes. Check out our March 2009 post titled Music D├ęcor Party Decorations and Special Party Themes for more suggestions and a fun video demonstrating more elaborate balloon decorations.

Why not buy balloons and make your own music party decorations for your special party themes? Think of the fun you can have and the money you can save!

Enjoy your party by keeping things simple. Creating your special party theme and party decorations should be fun!

If you really want to be creative, think of a way you can have your guests help create balloon bouquets for your party decorations. Balloons could be blown up and handed to guests as they arrive. Play a game that encourages guests to mingle and get to know each other and ultimately create bouquets with their balloons. You might have them draw a piece of paper on which you have written a song title (keep the songs simple) and tell them to hum their way among the guests to find others with the same song. You can vary the size of each balloon bouquet by the number of times you write that song title on a piece of paper. Your guests will not know how many balloons they need for their bouquet. At the end of the game, each group could join their balloons to make a balloon bouquet music party decoration, introduce themselves and sing their song together.

Voila! Would this make a great way to have an icebreaker, introduce guests, and simplify your music party decorations? Please share your ideas and comments.

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