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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music Party Decorations and Special Party Themes

Keep it simple when you create music party decorations and special party themes.

There are a lot of choices that you can pull together to go with a music theme for your party decorations. Music wall art, swirl or other decorations that hang from the ceiling, table decorations, balloons, musical instruments, and the list goes on. Any one music party decoration can be incorporated into your special party themes no matter what kind of music or party you intend to have. Think about it: Rock and roll, Classic Rock, Polka, Square Dance, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, etc.

Music note decorations, special printed balloons as well as plain colored balloons, and inflated musical instruments are all fairly easy to find. If you cannot find musical napkins, paper plates, and cups all in the same pattern, then find a design you like, and buy a coordinating color for the rest of the paper goods.

Don't make your party decorations so elaborate that you wear yourself out getting ready for the event. The nice thing about music party decorations is that you can create special party themes just by the type of music you select and you can add as few or as many music gifts and music themed decorations as your time and money will allow.

Flowers often head the list for table centerpieces, but don't let yourself fall into a rut. Think about a music box or other music-related items to use for your table decorations. Your table decorations (one of a kind, or all different) can still be given as door prizes, and will keep on giving long after flowers wilt.

The beauty of using music gifts as table centerpieces and door prizes is you don't have to stress over them. Decide that is what you want to do for your next event, and collect a variety of different music gifts as you find them. Voila! You're almost ready for the guests to arrive!

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