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Friday, October 13, 2017

Music Decor and Color

Colors for music decor are best defined by the person who is looking for music decor. What they are looking for and how they want to use it may greatly impact their choice of colors. If you start at the beginning and read all of my posts, you will find that music decor can be full of every color in the rainbow.

Some questions you might ask yourself are:

'Are you looking for something in particular?'
'How or Where do you want to use it?'
'What is the color scheme?' and 'What is your favorite color?'

Personally, I like a lot of color, but my scheme for decorating has normally been to select earth tones for the large items in the room, window treatment, and wall covering colors. This makes changing the look of the room much easier. All I have to do is change the color of the accessories or change the actual decor. I like music decor because I like music and it makes me happy. Also, it is very easy to change or rearrange.

One scheme let me add one bright-colored item, such as a red chair. After that, the decor on my walls and other items in the room could take on any color or muliple colors that compliment what is already there.

Another scheme let me add light blues to the earth tones in the room. As long as the blues in the room blended with each other, I could still add accessories in blues or those that blended well with the blues in the room.

What is not to love about music decor ...

Color it happy in shades that compliment your setting. The variety is phenomenal!

Where to find it ...

First of all, are you looking for something in particular? If so, it could be easy to locate, or depending on what you are looking for, it might take a little longer to locate. Let's face it. Some items relating to music decor are readily available at specialty stores, i.e. ones that carry musical instruments or other large items. Others are located within larger stores or grouped with other music-related merchandise. They may be found on the web as well as brick and mortar stores.

One day I decided to browse on the internet. Much to my surprise, I found some items at Bed Bath & Beyond and other items at Hobby Lobby -- Stores that sell other items often carry interesting decor that falls within the realm of music-related home decor. Terms you might enter in a search box besides music decor might be music, musical, music notes, keyboard, guitar, and other words relating to music decor.

At the time I was searching, Bed Bath & Beyond had an item called Wood Guitar Pick Wall Art. I am including a link if you want to take a peek and check it out.
Wood Guitar Pick Wall Art

At Hobby Lobby, I searched for music wall decor and also for music stickers. Do-it-yourselfers or scrapbookers might also find an assortment of music word stickers.

Sometimes you might need to think outside the box and just browse to see what comes up when you search. I have found many items relating to music decor in stores that carry things in a variety of categories. Until you actually look or search, it is hard to know what you can find.

The Hunt ...

The hunt to find unusual items relating to music decor is part of the journey in creating the atmosphere you want for your room. In the right-hand column of this blog, you can also find links to some of the items I have already located. My intent is to share links which you may enjoy, but not overwhelm you. It is so much fun having a happy room by adding music decor that blends well.

Thank you for visiting Music Decor and More and thank you for purchasing through my links. When you do, it will not cost you any more, and I may make a small commission.

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