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Friday, October 20, 2017

Experience the Joys of Music Decor -- See, Hear, and Feel

Music became an important part of my life at approximately nine years old. It happened around the time I was introduced to piano lessons. Wow! Playing the notes and hearing the melody was a new and welcome adventure.

The adventure was all mine! I loved it! No one could do this for me. I had a teacher, but ultimately, I had to do this by myself! When thinking about it, I am reminded of individuals who learn to ride a unicycle. How does one explain the sense of accomplishment? Thinking back, a lot more opportunities presented themselves.

Square Dancing, it is said, is friendship set to music. More specifically, western style square dancing is commonly done with eight people in a square. Sometimes all eight people are moving, while there are other moves that require only four people to move. Dancers typically go through a series of lessons to learn the movements. When they complete the lessons, they can go to dances across the country and dance with other couples. Square Dancing is universal. It is not a competition. The people who do it do it for fun, and love music. Songs may be sung in various languages, but the calls to which they dance are all in English. People square dance around the world. Imagine the fun of dancing to the beat of the music and the sense of accomplishment felt when one can do this!

The Sounds of the Music

Music decor within a room is only one way to see and feel the presence of music. Experience an activity that comes to life with the sound of music. I love to hear the sound of chimes ... the sound that one hears when a wind chime is nudged by the wind ... it is music to my ears, especially tuned chimes.

A Melody in your Mind

Hear the melody play in your head, over and over again. How many times have you heard a song or a catchy tune and for the remainder of the day, you simply could not get it out of your head? You even find yourself walking to the rhythm of the beat. Perhaps you even begin to hum or sing along.

Feel the Joy Music Brings

Let your heart feel the joy that music brings. Have you ever seen tears well up in someone's eyes when their heart feels the joy of music as they hear a song that touches their heart? I have. One time as I was playing "How Great Thou Art" and as I looked out over the group of listeners, I saw a person with tears streaming down their cheeks as this song touched their heart. Another time, I was in a group of people and saw tears welling up in a person's eyes as they listened to someone sing "The Green Green Grass of Home".

Music is Around Us 

Yes, it is wonderful to fill our homes with music decor! But, also, pay attention to the music around you, even when it is silent. Do you see it? Do you hear it? Do you feel it?

Are there nature sounds? Is there a rhythm to the sound of the falling rain? Is there a new rhythm waiting to be heard? Is there a rhythm sound that needs to be set to music and experienced in a song?

Think about it ... as you experience the joys of music decor in your life!

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