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Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Twirler, Spinner Stand, Battery Operated Rotator for Wind Spinner

Can you see the wind blow? Perhaps not, but you can see things move as a direct result of the wind. When there is no wind or slight breeze to make your windspinner spin, there is still hope. Lets talk about how to choose the best twirler, spinner stand, and battery operated rotator for your wind spinner.

For your favorite outdoor location, a spinner stand is a great way to enjoy your wind spinner. The shepherds hook stands or similar heart spinner stands are placed in the ground. Their overall length can vary from approximately 62 to 66 inches long and 13 to 23 inches wide, depending on which wind spinner stand you choose. From the point where it goes in the ground, you can figure a height of about 48 inches to the top. This type of spinner stand relies solely on the wind to make your spinner spin. Perched on a hilltop or added to a garden spot, you can easily tell if the wind is blowing every time you look at your wind spinner.

Anywhere that you have a wall with enough wind to spin your wind spinner, you might like a wall bracket that would adjust to hold from a 12-inch up to a 16-inch wind spinner. Mount this bracket on a porch wall, add your spinner, and watch how the gentle breezes set your spinner in motion.

If you want to display multiple wind spinners, consider electric rotators which usually rotate at one speed and are used indoors. Electric rotators may hold up to 10 pounds or as many as five 12-inch spinners. Turn a corner of a room into an eye-catching arena when you place mirrors from the corner in both directions to reflect the movement of multiple wind spinners in a vertical line all moving at the same time.

Intermittent battery powered rotators may have a three function switch that allows you to turn it on, off, or set it on intermittent. A particularly nice feature is that you may be able to turn it on and off with an infrared TV, DVD or VHS remote control unit. The intermittent battery powered rotators may mount on a base similar to a smoke detector, or from a wire handle. Read more about these, as they may turn themselves off automatically to conserve on battery power. The intermittent battery powered spinner is great for someone who may be physically challenged or for anyone who wants the convenience of the remote.

Do you need a heavy duty battery wind spinner? When you choose the large battery powered rotator, you will need to decide how fast your spinner should turn. Do you want your spinner to turn faster or slower. That will dictate which speed you choose. This heavy duty battery wind spinner is nine inches long and will hold up to ten pounds, which is about five 12-inch wind spinners. If you cannot decide how fast you want your spinners to turn, you may want to get a large battery powered rotator in each speed.

The twirling machine is also a battery rotator for wind spinners. It can also be used indoors for any items that weigh less than 1.5 pounds. Think of the freedom this twirling machine could give to other spiral and hook decorations. If you need a battery twirler for porch that is enclosed, you may want to consider one of these. Hang your wind spinner from this twirling machine and you won't be able to take your eyes off of it. It is a beautiful site.

A wind spinner turner rotator is a must to get the most enjoyment from your wind spinner when you have no wind. We hope this helps you select the best twirlers, spinner stands, or battery operated rotators for your wind spinners.


Maria_Rilke said...

hmm.. I think it's not necessary to buy a battery operated wind spinner rotator since it will rotate by itself whenever the wind rushes in. But the idea of battery operated rotator is really revolutionary.

Sharon said...

Sometimes wind spinners are hung inside the home as decorative items, used for party decorations, or placed outside where no breeze ever twirls them. The twirling machine or battery operated rotator is a great solution to bring them to life so they can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.