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Monday, June 14, 2010

Decor Music Decor and Music-Themed Home Decor

If music puts a song in the air, gives your mind wings, adds flight to your imagination, and enriches life, can you afford not to tune-up your home with music decor?

What is music-themed home decor?

Think about this -- any interior or exterior decor - music related, for example, music themed furniture, or bed and bath accessories, wall art, tapestry selections, lamps, figurines, throws, rugs, collectibles, books, musical movies, wind spinners with music notes, party decorations, puzzles, games, and so forth that relates to music.

Many stylish, fun items are available in this category!

Where do you put it or how do you use it?

Some items, such as shower curtains, soap dispensers, or salt and pepper shakers, are made for certain areas. Other items, such as rugs, throws, or lamps just seem to fit better in one place versus another. But there is always room for flexibility because you can add music themed decor to any area of your home.

There is a lot of music decor wall art available in different sizes and subjects. It just depends on your particular tastes and where you will use it. The more elaborate, the more costly, but there are simpler, less expensive ones too.

Put a music box where you will play it every day. Music boxes are made to be played and enjoyed. Music boxes are happy. They will definitely put a song in your heart and are one of the easiest ways to add music decor to any room. I have a favorite music box and every time I walk by it, the beautiful tune starts playing in my head and creates a memory I can take with me in my mind. Some times I actually take time to wind it and listen to it play. Something as simple as a music box truly gives my mind wings and adds flight to my imagination.

One simple hook hanging from a plain music note might hold your bathrobe while you are in the shower, while another hook hanging from a treble clef can be used to hang your hat.

For your patio or garden area, enjoy nature's music with wind chimes. Corinthian Bells Chimes are usually a very welcome sound and come in a variety of tones. If you need more quiet, you might prefer watching a music-related wind spinner with music notes on a twirling machine. Wind spinners always look better twirling.

Consider Music decor for your home if you want to give your mind wings and add flight to your imagination because it can definitely enrich your life by taking your mind off of stressful situations and give you a new outlook on life.

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