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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Music Decor and More: This One's About "More"

Would you like to save money, make your life a little easier and have "more" time to do the things you want to do?  Tell your friends about this too.  They will thank you!

To get right to the point, this idea comes from a fellow music lover who also loves music decor.  She has found a way to save steps, save money, and save time. 
  1. How does she save money?  She pays less, and she saves gas and wear and tear on her vehicle because of not having to drive all over town.
  2. How does she save steps?  She saves many, many steps, and keeps from performing tiring tasks week in and week out.  I will explain this later in the post.
  3. How does she save time?  She saves valuable time because she can perform tasks in the comfort of her own home at her own convenience.
She utilizes the store links on this site, particularly the Walmart link to do as much of her shopping as practical.  She saves many, many steps because she does not have to drive to the store, walk the aisles, stand in long lines, take the items to her car, load them in her car, drive home, and make many trips in and out of the house and up and down steps to carry them into the house. 

When she places her order, the only one who sees her payment information is the payment processor, and her order is automatically sent to the department that fills the order.

When you click on the Walmart link, it takes you to a page where you can search any department in the store, and add any item in the store to your cart.  She has found that placing an order for staples, such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, cleaning products, canned goods and food items that come in packages, jars, or boxes allows her to buy only the items that she needs at great prices, and she is not tempted to add other items as she walks by them or because she is hungry at the time.  It is also possible to qualify for free shipping to your door when the order meets certain criteria.

As soon as the order arrives at her door, it is time to put things away.  When an item is nearly all used, it is time to come back to our Walmart link at a time that is convenient, and start placing items in the cart, and when there is enough for free shipping, another order can be placed. 

When you are thinking about purchasing a large item that you may want to look at first, check those items out in the store when you make a trip to purchase your refrigerated, freezer, and fresh items.  It's a whole lot easier to check out in the store when you have only refrigerated, freezer, and fresh items.  You can come back home and place your order online for large items. 

You can browse Walmart online to find a greater variety of things than you can possibly find at your local store.  After all, they are a department store and a grocery store.  If you live near a Walmart that is not a Superstore, you can still buy grocery items online and have them delivered.

Think about all of the possibilities -- besides food, what about other things you need, such as shampoo, hand lotion, vitamins, and other personal needs; what about items for your pet, healthy snacks, hardware, water hose, hose reel, sporting goods, toys, clothes, shoes, vacuum sweeper, freezer, household needs, and (don't forget) music decor, movies, and CD's.  The possibilities are endless, left only to your imagination. 

You can save yourself an enormous amount of time, manage your budget and save money, and save your energy for things that you want to do all the while doing it at your convenience, and taking advantage of having items delivered to your door. 

Quality of life is important to all of us.  One way to improve our quality of life is by finding "more" ways to make tasks we need to do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis easier and less stressful while saving money, time, and energy.  

Sincerely, I hope that you find value in this post and will consider the thoughts and suggestions offered here.  We hope you enjoy reading our posts and will return often to browse links we provide.  We make a little bit for every dollar you buy, so whenever you need something or just want to browse to see how far your budget dollar will go, we would appreciate your keeping us in mind. 

We appreciate you, and your comments are welcome.

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