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Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Decor and Interior Decorating Tips

Have you thought about how your music decor can play an important part in decorating your room? Have you ever felt like you wanted to have a professional interior decorator take you by the hand and show you what to do? In keeping with our "decor" theme, we have recently added a set of ebooks about interior decorating to help you and to give you ideas to create the home interior that you desire.

Unleash the creative power of your decorating talent. Decorate or redecorate to reflect your personal style for enjoyment, entertaining, and relaxing.

Learn Interior Decorating faster than ever with this unique set of ebooks. The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection has 1037 color photos/illustrations and is designed to help you by using examples and step-by-step techniques to create your dream home. 

Music Decor and More is here to help you find solutions to your home decor questions. If you find pleasure in musical things, consider choosing a home decor with a music theme.

Use music gifts in your home decor to satisfy your musical pleasure. Art, throws, tapestries, rugs, figurines, collectibles, Corinthian bells wind chimes, and movies with a music theme may accent your bedroom, bath, music room, and other areas of your home with music decor. Music boxes can be located where they are most likely to be played and enjoyed. Place individual music books, or collections thereof, near a piano, in a bookcase, or occupy a spot on a table, where they will be easy to pick up and read. Music gift baskets might occupy a spot in your kitchen or favorite dining nook.

Check out the other posts in this blog for more interior decorating ideas. In the comments section of this post, we will be offering more interior decorating tips that you can use. Please leave a comment and share your favorite tips.


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Problem: The sofa in my living room has so many colors in the pattern that it detracts from the harmony of the room, but it is nearly new and I'm not ready to replace it.

Interior Decorating Tip: Look carefully at the colors in your sofa and pick a color that you like. Using that color, create a focal point. It could be a bouquet of flowers on your coffee table. Depending on the size of the bouquet, you might want to use both lighter and darker shades of this same color. If you don't want to use fake flowers, try a large decorative vase in that color near your fireplace or a secluded area where you will see it when you enter and exit the room.

Music Decor Variations:
1) Place your vase of flowers on a musical tray.
2) Select a vase that looks like a musical instrument and adjust the size of your flower arrangement to fit.
3) Add miniature ornaments to your floral arrangement.

You could also hang a picture or other wall decoration on the wall behind the sofa that would accent the color or colors you want to emphasize.