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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes and Music Decor

Enjoy Nature's Music with Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes!

Have you ever considered using Wind Chimes in your Music Decor? Think about it! The gentle chime of the corinthian bells as well as other wind chimes when set in motion from the wind adds a touch of music! Whether your home decor has a musical theme or you simply like to listen to the sounds of wind chimes makes no difference.

Wind Chimes make great music decor, music gifts, and you can even get them to go with other home decor themes. What area of your outdoor patio or nearby lawn and garden area could use a gentle touch of nature's music? Wouldn't it be lovely to hear the pleasant tone of corinthian bells wind chimes when the gentle wind blows?

Can you see the wind blow? Have you ever heard anyone ask that question?

It is that time of year when a lot of us are ready for winter to be gone so we can welcome spring. The wind, sometimes called a breeze, depending on how high or low the temperature is at the time, can blow chimes that hang from the patio, porch or a nearby garden post and fill the air with the sound of music. Sounds can vary from tinkling tones to hand-tuned chimes to an ancient temple bell or corinthian bells wind chime, and everything in between, including percussion sounds. What kind of windchime sounds do you like?

If you could only have one wind chime, what kind would you select?

Would it be a hand-tuned chime that plays Amazing Grace, one that sounds like the church bell chime, or the sound of corinthian bells wind chimes that are also pleasing to the ear? Would it serve a dual purpose as a birdhouse? Would it have large wind chimes? How about something patriotic with a flag or an eagle? Would you want your chime to have butterflies, dolphins, hummingbirds, birds, or perhaps a frog decoration? Would you like something really unique or plain and simple of metal and wood? Or perhaps you would like a cross to remind you of your faith? Would you select a lighthouse or one with a lot of waves to remind you of the beach? Would you want something celestial, adorned with crystals, or perhaps even a lighted windchime? Oh my, so many to choose from, including a fire hydrant that would make the perfect gift for your favorite firefighter, or a dragon for your favorite knight​.

I love them all, but have to admit that one of my favorites is the corinthian bells wind chimes. The wind chime sound from the corinthian bells is a very peaceful way to enjoy the music of the wind. They are available in varying lengths up to 74 inches. Whether you select a length of 74 inches, 65 inches, or 36 inches, your corinthian bells chimes will have its own unique tones when set in motion by the a gentle breeze.

Corinthian Bells Windchimes

Windchimes make wonderful gifts too. A wind chime is a great gift to give when you would like to be remembered for a lifetime. When the gentle breezes nudge the chimes and fill the air with the sounds of music, the recipient will think of the person who gave it to them.

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Jeff Cox said...

My fiancée Sandy and I are square dancers and meet square dancing. We bought 1 blue squar dance spinner just for fun and decided to get another one. We also bought 2 of the TV Remote operated spinners. We are planning on using the spinners as part of the decorations at our western them wedding and receptions. Yes two receptions, one for family and the other is for our square dance friends since neither venue is large enough to hold everybody at once.

Jeff Cox